An estimated 36% of Philadelphia’s adults have a bachelor’s degree, well above corresponding educational attainment rate nationwide of 30.6%

Educational attainment in the Philadelphia metropolitan is also higher than in Pennsylvania as a whole, where 29.7% of adults have graduated from college. Philadelphia also ranks second highest in college attainment among all metro areas in the state.

Areas with higher college attainment rates often, but not always, have above average high school attainment. In Philadelphia, 89.9% of adults have a high school diploma, the same as the high school attainment rate statewide and slightly above the national rate of 87.1%.

Residents of metro areas with a high proportion of academic institutions tend to have higher educational attainment than the country as a whole. This is due in part to the fact that a large percentage of students tend to remain in the metro areas where they received their degree. This is especially true in areas with a large number of universities because also tend to attract companies that require workers with bachelor’s degrees. There are 162 colleges and universities in the Philadelphia area, fourth most in the country.

The economic benefits of a well-educated population are also far reaching. A college education usually opens the door to higher-paying job opportunities. A typical Philadelphia household earns an income of $65,123 a year, higher than the national median income of $55,774 and the statewide median annual income of $55,702.